Qualifying Potential
Business Lead

Can I ask my sales
person to get in t…?

Presenting to Top Management
There’s good news and bad news…..

Team Building Meet
Let’s see…..it’s bold color shirt with contrasting tie on Mondays, Thursdays…..

TV Interview
Ummmm. ….yes….you know….it’s ‘ummm..you see….. ..

Negotiating with Supplier
Look, let’s do a below-the-radar trial activity prior to

Budget Review
Expenses cut by 15%, but the canteen will start serving decaff....

Addressing Stakeholders Besides the appreciation in dollar terms from the swap, the inventory levels …

Sales Conference
I’m going to begin with a story…”once up on a time…”

“Markets are essentially conversations between people….sustainable business relationships can be established using thoughtful and str

uctured communication”

You don’t deal with organizations, you deal with people. For that matter you don’t really work for organizations, you work for people. These people could be your customers, suppliers, your peers, your boss or your subordinates.

Why is it that

  • .. …20% of your sales force end s up closing 80% of the deals.?
  • …sales team rejects business leads that marketing supplied?
  • …TV moderators end up talking more than the people they interview?
  • …senior executives, office-bearers, politicians & of course, cricketers often nothing to say to the TV, or keep repeating the same thing over and over again?
  • …your communications with clients often lacks the punch and clarity
  • …in spite of spending serious dollars your BI system remains under-utilized

Planned internal as well as external communications could be the answer. We try and answer such issues specific to organizations. And since one size doesn’t fit all, we work closely with our clients as strategic advisors.

“proper cross-functional communications requires the ability to listen, understand and be able to structure your thoughts accordingly”

  • Communicate more effectively
  • Use appropriate tools and techniques to create powerful presentations
  • Inculcate behavioral skills needed to manage efficiently - negotiation s, selling, motivating….,
  • Bridge the gap between marketing and sales organizations
  • Develop and manage an end-to-end lead generation and nurturing program
  • Gather specific market intelligence
  • With your go-to-market strategy
  • Identify and implement an appropriate BI and analytics platform
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