"soft skills are anything but soft…good trainers can bring about desired changes that are sustainable”

Our trainers have conducted a variety of courses (programs/workshops) for medium, large and enterprise class organizations in India and different parts of the world including the US, Western Europe, and Asia Pacific. Some names for instance, would be Barclay’s Bank, Citibank, Colt, Intel, UNDP, IITs/IIMs, apart from mid-sized organizations from verticals like media, entertainment, ITeS, etc.

This panel of top-of-the-line trainers comes from different academic & professional backgrounds. The panel comprises economists, journalists, media professionals, CEDR certified mediators, authors, and senior management heads with over 20 years of experience .

Since our trainers have different delivery styles, we can identify the appropriate trainer once we have an idea of your specific need areas.

Generally speaking our training programs are independent of industry verticals, but they can be tailored to specific client requirements.

Our programs are meant for top-, senior- and middle-management executives. However some of our trainers regularly work with students and staff in prestigious academic institutes in India and abroad.

Talk to us if you want to know more about our trainers.


Apart from The Cluetrain Manifesto, our work is influenced by thinkers like…

- Roger Fischer
- Daniel Goleman
- Bill George
- Geoff Colvin

Our trainers employ cutting edge concepts tools and endorsed programs like the Harvard-PoN, to deliver top-of-the-line training workshops

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