"we recognize opportunities created by the convergence of technologies and cultures"

Our roots lie in IT & Telecom market research and analysis. Way back in early nineties, IT business consulting was our core business. Like minded professionals from the US, Hong Kong and Japan came together to form the Access Media International group of firms that had global perspectives and skills.

Somewhere around the late nineties the band started to dismantle. Access Media International started operations in India with Pravir Ganguly as the founder consultant in 1998.

Access Media International has eminent people from different walks of life, nationalities and domain expertise as advisors and mentors.

This advisory board includes:

  • Business & Management Consultants
  • Certified Trainers
  • Political Observers, Authors & Media Professionals
  • Economists
  • Bureaucrats

Members of our board of advisors have held CXO positions in multinational organizations and the Indian Government.

Pravir Ganguly
Prior to co-founding Access Media, Ganguly was regional manager, published research at IDC Asia Pacific, in Hong Kong. In the past Ganguly has served as :
- editor & COO of Computerworld, (an IDG publication), Bangkok, Thailand
- president IT Publications Div., Media Transasia, New Delhi, India
- editor Dataquest , New Delhi, India
- Junior manager, finance, Tata Shares Registry Ltd. Mumbai, India

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