"before you walk-the-talk you have to be able to talk-the-walk…"

Markets are essentially conversations, after all!

To a larger extent than you may realize, an organization’s performance is a function of how effectively people communicate. How effectively people present speak volumes about a company’s commitment to efficiency and value creation.

Good presentations not only build value, they motivate people; they produce a sense of vision and change. Effective presentations evoke credibility and instill confidence in the leadership of the speaker. They make the process interactive. They are more likely to lead to actionable results. And, all this applies to executives, students and academicians alike.

The way you communicate your thoughts and ideas, or the way you respond to different situations go on to define your leadership style, or your negotiation capabilities, or your selling skills for that matter.

In its most generic form our training programs are about cross-functional communication skills. Presenting for Impact for instance, is a program that helps mangers pack more punch in their presentations. Talk-The-Walk training programs go much beyond Presenting for Impact and are characterized by:

  • Best-of-Breed Trainers/Mentors
  • Cutting Edge Tools and Processes
  • Highly Customizable
  • Logistics Friendly

Is there a Trainer in You?


Presenting for Impact
Behavioral & Attitude
- Negotiating, Selling,   Mediating, Leadership Skills
Impact of Politics on
   Business & Economy in India
Finance for non-finance
Sales Forecasting & Supply
   Chain Planning
Managing Customer
Think in English
Inter-cultural Sensitization




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